Vital Leglocks by Steve Scott

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Learn to apply 65 essential leglocks for jujitsu, judo, sambo and mixed martial arts. Coach Steve Scott teaches you the keys to successfully applying lower body submission techniques and getting your opponent to tap out. Vital leglocks is divided into the three major categories of lower body submission skills: ankle and foot locks, knee locks and hip/upper leglocks. Learn to successfully use ankle locks, toe holds, heel hooks, knee locks and bars and knee cranks in a variety of grappling situations, including as counters to common holds. In addition to learning how to set-up and apply fundamental leglocks, Coach Scott shows you how to defend against common lower body attacks, master the concept of leg wrestling, actively control the match and use leglocks strategically to get the win. Leglocks in Vital Leglocks include: Straight Ankle Lock, Gator Roll Ankle Lock, North-South Ankle Lock, Scissors Ankle Lock, Standing Heel Hook, Saylor Heel Hook, Rolling Heel Hook, Ankle Crush Toehold, Bent Knee Lock, Strraight Knee Lock, Cross-body Knee Lock, Rolling Knee Lock, Outside Knee Jam, Double Leg Knee Jam, Bent Knee Crank, Banana Split , Boston Crab, Grapevine

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