I don't know about you, but I am always excited when Steve Scott puts out a new book. This latest offering from Coach Scott is also co authored by John Saylor which makes it a double dose of grappling knowledge awesomeness! Filled with over 1,000 detailed photos and 253 pages, this first volume of two offers insight into Saylor's Shingitai Jujitsu method as well as submission grappling, judo, BJJ, MMA, catch wrestling or any form of martial art. This book is a must for anyone who grappling fans or students!

For those not familiar with John Saylor, here is a (brief) breakdown:

  • 3-time U.S. National Judo Champion 
  • 2-time Pan American Medalist 
  • Coach of the U.S. National Training Squad at the Olympic Training Center (1983-90) 
  • United States Judo Association Coach of the year (1987) 
  • Director of Shingitai Jujitsu Association 
  • Certified by World Famous Power Lifting and Speed-Strength Coach
  • Louie Simmons to teach the “West-Side Method of Training” 
  • Saylor also holds black belt rankings in Ashihara Karate and jujitsu, and is a certified “Systema” (Russian Martial Art) instructor under former “Spetsnaz” Russian Special Forces Operative and instructor,Vladimir Vasiliev.

For those of you not familiar with Steve Scott:

  • Holds advanced black belt rank in both Kodokan Judo and Shingitai Jujitsu and is a member of the U.S. Sombo Association’s Hall of Fame.
  • Head coach and founder of the Welcome Mat Judo, Jujitsu and Sambo Club in Kansas City, Missouri
  • Coached hundreds of national and international champions and medal winners in judo, sambo, sport jujitsu and submission grappling.
  • National Coach for USA Judo, Inc., the national governing body for the sport of judo as well as the U.S. Sombo Association and the Amateur Athletic Union in the sport of sambo.
  • U.S. women’s team head coach for the 1983 Pan American Games in Caracas, Venezuela where his team won 4 golds and 6 silvers and the team championship.
  • Coach Education Program Director for many years with USA Judo, Inc.
  • Coached 3 World Sambo Champions, several pan American Games Champions and a member of the U.S. Olympic Team.
  • Served as the national team coach and director of development for the under-21 national judo team and coached U.S. teams at several World Championships in both judo and sambo.
  • Conducted numerous national training camps in judo at the U.S. Olympic Training Centers in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Marquette, Michigan and Lakes Placid, New York.
  • As an athlete, he competed in judo and sambo, winning 2 gold medals and a bronze medal in the National AAU Sambo Championships, as well as several other medals in smaller national sambo events and has won numerous state and regional medals in that sport. He was a state and regional champion in judo and competed in numerous national judo championships as well.
  • Trained, competed and coached in North America, South America, Europe and Japan and has the opportunity to train with some of the top judo and sambo athletes and coaches in the world.

Written by derrick darling — January 27, 2014

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