Groundfighting Pins and Breakdowns by Steve Scott

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In Groundfighting Pins and Breakdowns, Steve Scott teaches effective pins and breakdowns for Judo, Jujitsu, submission grappling & mixed martial arts. Although not the most glamorous groundfighting skills, pins and holddowns are the workhorse technques of all forms of grappling. And before you can pin your opponent, you need to break him down. Breakdowns, sometimes call turnovers or transitions, give you the tools to dominate your opponent by setting him up for hold, pin or submission techinque. For those new to grappling, Coach Scott begins with the basics of position, controlling your opponent and avoiding common mistakes. Then he teaches you 15 core pins and dozens of breakdowns to take your opponent from a stable position to one where you can dominate him and control the match. For fighters who prefer fighting from the guard position, Coach Scott includes an entire section on getting a pin from the guard. He wraps up with techniques for pin switching, moving from one pin to another without losing control of your opponent, and pin escapes. Groundfighting Pins and Breakdowns is a comprehensive look at an area of grappling that is often overlooked. Steve Scott not only teaches you a wide range of pins and breakdowns that have been tested in gi and no-gi combat sports, he also offers tips on drilling, techniques for neutralizing a standing opponent when you re on the ground, strategies for winning at groundfithing and a brief history of grappling as an international combat sport. Includes detailed instruction for the following pins and breakdowns: Chest Hold * Side Hold * Vertical Hold Mount * Scarf Hold * Straddle Pin * Shoulder Lock Pin * Triangle Pin * Rear Scarf Hold * Double Leg Breakdown * Sambo Switch * Bent Arm Breakdown * Power Half * Bar Arm and Shoulder Crank * Over and Under * Near Leg Roll * Judo Stack * Triangle Breakdown * Gut Wrench * Polish Whizzer * Soden Roll * Hip Wheel * Russian Roll * Outside Leg Hook * Snap Down * Double Ankle Hook and many more

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