Drills for Grapplers by Steve Scott

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In Drills for Grapplers, Coach Steve Scott teaches you his favorite drills for judo, jujitsu, sambo, submission grappling, mixed martial arts and other submission grappling sports. You get both fitness drills to improve your strength, stamina, coordination, speed and flexibility and skill drills to work specific grappling skills like footwork, position, control, gripping, throwing, locking, pinning, falling, transitions, free practice (randori) and an aggressive attitude. With group, partner and solo drills for beginners and elite athletes, kids and adults, you re sure to find new and exciting ways to practice on the mat. In addition to explaining how to do each drill, the purpose of the drill and the recommended skill and age level, Coach Scott shares tips on organizing your practice sessions, sample workouts by skill level and goal, fitness for grapplers and training rules. Take your training sessions to the next level with drills used by elite fighters. With over 50 drills specifically for grapplers, this is a great reference for both athletes and coaches.

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