Winning on the Mat by Steve Scott

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Judo is many things to many people, but at its core, judo is a combat sport. Winning on the Mat offers an in-depth analysis of how to win at the sport of judo and how to make your judo work for you. Veteran coach and author Steve Scott presents the most effective and commonly used skills, techniques and tactics of competitive judo and analyzes why and how they work. Hundreds of winning skills are illustrated in realistic, competitive situations, most with exciting action photos taken at Judo competitions. Steve Scott presents a comprehensive, analytical approach to winning...whether your sport is judo, submission grappling, sport jujitsu or mixed martial arts. The practical, functional and real-world advice found on every page of Winning on the Mat will ensure that you return to this book again and again as you train to make your Judo work for you. Skills covered include: Winning Concepts, Grip Fighting, Defense, Forward Throws, Knee Drop Throws, Inner Thigh Throw, Pick Up Throws, Reaping Throws, Leg Hooks, Foot Sweeps, Body Drop Throws, Sacrifice Throws, Groundfighting, Pinning, Pin Escapes, Breakdowns, Armlocks and Strangling

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