Triangle Chokes by Steve Scott

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A grappler's legs are a powerful tool and the Triangle Choke has proven to be the best way to use the legs when it comes to strangling an opponent in any kind of fight. In Triangle Chokes: Triangle and Leg Chokes for Combat Sports, Steve Scott explores and analyzes what makes a successful triangle choke. Going beyond the basics, he covers many of the applications and variations that make this one of the most successful and functional strangling techniques used in any fighting sport.

This comprehensive reference to choking and strangling an opponent with the legs begins with a look at the origins and components of the triangle choke. Then Coach Scott takes you through dozens of applications and variations, presenting the triangle choke from four distinct, yet common, situational positions. Easily find the approaches that work best from your favorite grappling positions, including triangle chokes that start from the bottom guard, in front of an opponent, the top or back ride position or a pin. Each triangle choke is explained in detail and illustrated with step-by-step photos.

Triangle Chokes wraps up with a look at prevention, defense and escapes to keep an opponent from using this powerful technique against you.

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