Championship Sambo by Steve Scott

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Sambo is a rugged Russian style of wrestling that emphasizes practical effective submission holds. In this book, Steve Scott teaches you the fundamental holds, breakdowns, arm locks and leg locks of the sport of sambo.

Core Groundfighting Principles: For those new to grappling and groundfighting, Championship Sambo starts off with a look at common positions and core groundfighting princples.

Breakdowns: Techniques for breaking down an opponent from a stable to an unstable position so you can apply a hold or submission technique.

Holds: The most practical holds for controlling an opponent and setting up an arm lock or leg lock to finish him off.

Arm Submissions: 22 armlocks that should form the core of your sport fighting arsenal.

Leg Submissions: 10 core ankle and knee locks that have a high rate of success in finishing a match.

Championship Sambo focuses on building fundamental skills around which you can develop the variations that work best for you. Whether you compete in sambo, judo or mixed martial arts, Steve Scottâ TMs emphasis on technical precision and solid fundamentals will help you refine and perfect your groundfighting game.

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